Cathy Bernstein, 10th Congressional, New York

New Bail Reform

Closing of Rikers



Endangers our citizens as this new reform will not hold suspects or even require them to post bail for the following:  Promoting or possessing child pornography, failing to register as a Sex Offender, second-degree manslaughter, third - degree assault, criminally negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular assault and making terrorist threats. 

For example, a burglar can break into your house, be arrested, receive a desk appearance, and leave that same day.  The next day, the same burglar can break into your home again and wash and repeat.  No bail.  No holding until his court appearance. A serial burglar is released over and over again. This is not fear mongering.  Common-sense dictates that the law-abiding citizen should have rights and protection too.

We need to end Sanctuary city policies that put dangerous criminals back on the street with our new bail laws.

As of the end of January 2020, overall Crime is up 16.9 percent in New York City and

In the 20th Precint of the Upper West Side, 60% increase in Grand Larceny



While all of us are opposed to violent jails, the answer is not to move the jails into residential areas. One of the new proposed jails will sit right in one of the most congested areas of our city, 80 Center Street.

The cost of closing Rikers and building four new borough-based jails is estimated to be at 8.7 billion dollars.  If the goal is to give inmates more humane care to help them reenter society, then those dollars would be better spent on new larger jails with better oversight, conflict mediation training for the staff, rehabilitation and vocational skills, updated mental health facilites, drug and alcoholic treatment, and the space to exercise situated on an island that is over 413 acres.