Cathy Bernstein, 10th Congressional, New York

Bikes And Pedestrians

From 2011-2018, there have been over 2,200 bicycle/pedestrian injuries averaging about 300 a year in NYC.

As we have all discussed over the years, a near miss or even being hit by a bike (mine was a delivery bike riding the wrong way) has become part of our daily conversation. Looking both ways on a one-way street or jumping out of the way when a bike comes up on the sidewalk is a constant concern; as is the scare of a motor bike running a red light while you are in the crosswalk.  While this is a local issue, all politics are local, and I will be speaking loudly and daily on having the police crackdown on bikes and motorbikes that do not obey NYC traffic laws.  And, as a fellow bike rider, I am not trying to take away our hard earned bike paths or rights, but just requesting that we respect our fellow pedestrians.