Cathy Bernstein, 10th Congressional, New York

Helping Our Small Businesses To Succeed

Walk down any street in the 10th Congressional and you will see empty storefronts. Between ridiculous fines, burdensome business regulations, high rents and/or property taxes, small businesses are suffering.  

The commercial property tax deserves its own paragraph but for brevity I will address it here. We are one of the highest taxed cities in the country and the property tax is being used as a major source of revenue funding. We are the only municipality in New York that does not have a property tax cap. Although this is a local issue, I will be addressing it.

On top of that, throw in the competition of companies such as Amazon, which can buy at a very high volume/low profit margin and undercut our local retailers with lower prices and free shipping. Today, in the 10th Congressional District, you can see the way that this caustic mix of competition and taxation is destroying both our businesses and consequently our neighborhoods.

All these issues need to be addressed on a city, state and federal level, or we will see the end of Mom and Pop stores in this lifetime.