Cathy Bernstein, 10th Congressional, New York

NYC Needs Major Capital Improvements To Its Aging Infrastructure 

Jerry Nadler says he has "long focused on improving New York City's Infrastructure."

A recent 2018 ranking of the Worst Infrastructure in the United States puts NYC as the 7th worst city in the country.

Decades of under funding our infrastructure, increased building by developers and a population that keeps growing has taken a toll on our city and pushed it to the breaking point.  Blackouts, brownouts, flooding in the subways and streets, subway software glitches, water main breaks, manholes blowing up, uneven cracking streets, and bridges in disrepair are the result of years of neglect. 

To take it a step further, cracked streets are a hazard to our seniors. Tripping/falling on city streets often leads to a hospital stay and then rehab. For those with elderly relatives, they know a broken arm/hip is a downward path for their loved one.

While some work has been taken on our infrastructure, there is much more to be done on a larger scale with a sense of urgency needed. NYC needs to be allocated the correct allotment of Federal dollars as the city is not just used by its residents.