Cathy Bernstein, 10th Congressional, New York




Today, we have the most Pro Israel President of our lifetime, and we have a Congressman, Jerry Nadler, who opposes him at every turn. 

All of us have sat through Presidential campaigns where future Presidents promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, but only one President acted, Donald Trump.

Many of us called and wrote to Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler asking them not to support the JCPOA. Our pleas fell on deaf ears with Jerry Nadler and he voted for the Iran deal. Over 100 billion dollars was released to Iran which many argued was used to fund terrorism. The IRGC conducted long range ballistic missile tests inconsistent with the Security Council Resolution of 2231.  As Iran continued to flout the rules, no one acted. It was President Trump who overturned the Iran deal and went back to enforcing sanctions.

Under President Trump, the State Department ended Jimmy Carter's Hansell Memorandum, and now settlements in the Judea and Samaria Area are not inconsistent with international law. The President also validated Israel’s sovereignty of the Golan Heights. 

The 10th Congressional has the largest Jewish district in the country. As parents, we are all deeply concerned and worried when we hear about the horrific antisemitism on college campuses; the fact that the SJP makes life intolerable for Jewish Students.  Attending programs at different synagogues, we brainstormed how to make a difference, including the ideas of alumni groups using their influence.  Again, it was one President, Donald Trump, who made the difference by signing an executive order to protect Jewish Students under Title VI.

Yet, on the Democratic side, we are witnessing anti-Semitic remarks aimed at perpetuating age old stereotypes and questioning our patriotism to the United States.  In the past two years, we've had Democratic Congressional leaders who shared cartoon images on their Instagram by an artist who came in second place in Iran's International Holocaust Cartoon Contest, commented on Twitter about Jews being obsessed about money and buying influence: “It’s all about the Benjamins baby”, tweeted about fellow Americans who support Israel, “forgot what country they represent”  and snidely remarked at a Town Hall about dual loyalty, "I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for the allegiance to a foreign country.”

The fact is these abhorrent statements were made by Democratic House Members, and yet their positions within our government remain exactly the same today. They still serve on their House Congressional Committees and as a Regional Whip of the Democratic Caucus.  That fact alone speaks volumes. 

In contrast, when Rep Steve King voiced repugnant remarks about White Supremacists, Republicans acted decisively. He was promptly stripped of his Committee positions. 

Cathy will not single out the Democratic Members of the House who traffic in some of the worst anti-Semitic tropes. She will single out the Democratic Party that stands with them.

For far too long, we have heard excuses made, they didn't know better, we need to educate, it wasn’t intentional, and/or they will apologize. Anti-Semitism is always given another chance.

Today in our community, we are witnessing hate crimes against individuals that are visually Jewish.This rising tide of anti-Semitism did not start this past month or even this past year, it has been building. Resources need to be dedicated annually to an increased police presence in neighborhoods where copycat attacks seem to be growing.

Every day as your next Congresswoman, Cathy will be speaking out for our Jewish Constituents and standing up for Israel.